Attendance Manager

Teachers and administrators can track attendance.

Attendance tracking can be simplified and streamlined to match your tracking and reporting needs.

This Knack teacher portal allows log access to their own class and student data. Teachers can see details on individual student histories and reports on overall attendance.

Administrators have their own dashboard where they manage all teacher and student data, review attendance records, and add classes.


Initiating attendance requires 1 single form. Simply elect a class and the class day, and Knack will automatically create an attendance record for each student in the selected class. Teachers can update the student's attendance record directly from the table Administrators have access to every teacher's class. New classes can be added at any time.

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  • Teachers login to take daily attendance records and view student attendance details.

  • Administrators manage all teacher and student data, review attendance records, and add classes.

Who uses the Attendance Manager?

  • Schools who want any easy tool for their teachers to track daily student attendance.
  • Churches and other organizations who provide classes or sessions that need to be recorded and tracked.

Key Features

  • When each teacher logs in, they will only see the data connected to their classes.

  • Embed the customer portal right into your website so your teachers don't even have to leave your site.

  • Administrators get easy stats and reports on class totals and student histories.

About this template

Knack is an easy to use custom online database platform. This means you can completely customize this template and add features to meet your exact needs. If you need something even more customized you can build your app from scratch.

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