Employee Reviews

Easily manage employee performance reviews

This Employee Review app is a simple way for management and HR to manage employee reviews, track performances over time, and securely collaborate and share reviews.

Knack makes it easy to build custom employee review application.

This employee review template includes a password-protected area that allows HR staff and managers to add performance details and summaries from quarterly or yearly employee reviews.


Add and manage company employees. Click on an employee for details and reviews. Add a review summarizing the employee's performance.


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Who uses the Employee Reviews?

  • Employers Managers and HR Staff who need easy software to collect and manage employee and performance review data

Key Features

  • Define the custom reviews for management to use when evaluating and communicating with your employees.

  • Set reminders for review schedules and send follow-up emails to ensure completion.

  • Define numerical rankings or ratings to evaluate each employee.

  • View reports to compare performance or gauge improvement over time.

  • Optionally create logins for employees to login to review agendas, submit performances, or enter information.

About this template

Knack is an easy to use custom online database platform. This means you can completely customize this template and add features to meet your exact needs. If you need something even more customized you can build your app from scratch.

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