Job Listings

Easily list open jobs and manage applications

Job Listings are much more than simply listing open jobs. You also need an effective method to sort through, rank, and ultimately hire from submitted applications.

Knack makes it easy to build and customize your own job listings application.

This job listings template enables you to post available jobs in multiple categories directly on your website. Applicants view jobs and apply by adding their resume and any other custom information.

A password-protected area allows HR staff to add and manage positions. Applications can be viewed, evaluated, and ranked.


Users can view a complete list of your available job openings. HR staff can add new available job openings. HR staff can view job listing details and applications.

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  • Applicants view open job listings and submit applications.

  • HR Staff manage open positions, and review and rank applications.

Who uses the Job Listings?

  • Businesses who need a simple way to display job listings, manage open listings, accept and evaluate applications.

Key Features

  • Define the exact information you want to display for each listing and require for the application.

  • Applicants can view jobs and submit applications directly from your website.

  • HR staff have a single place to manage open jobs and review applications.

  • Enable your team to rank applications and sort by an aggregate total.

  • Optional alerts and notifications when jobs are opened, applications received, and positions filled.

About this template

Knack is an easy to use custom online database platform. This means you can completely customize this template and add features to meet your exact needs. If you need something even more customized you can build your app from scratch.

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