Product Catalog

Easily manage and display products for your customers

This customizable product catalog allows you to display your products directly in your website.

Features include:

  • Each product can have customized details such as size, color, or any custom data unique to your catalog.
  • Adding a payment option such as PayPal or Stripe makes accepting payments for items a snap.
  • Products can be grouped into categories for easy browsing.
  • A password protected area allows you to edit existing products or add new ones.


Admins have full read / write access to the product catalog. Categories contain the associated items to help keep the catalog organized. Item details includes a larger image as well as further product specifications.


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Who uses the Product Catalog?

  • Customers Customers who want to browse products by category and view or purchase items
  • Admins Admins who need to easily add or update products to their catalog

Key Features

  • Organize your products into separate categories for easy browsing.

  • Allow admins to add new products and update existing entries.

  • Enable e-commerce to allow customers to purchase products via Stripe or PayPal.

About this template

Knack is an easy to use custom online database platform. This means you can completely customize this template and add features to meet your exact needs. If you need something even more customized you can build your app from scratch.

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